Basic Description[edit | edit source]

Elaine is a very talented priestess, and she enjoys healing and protecting her allies from harm by the use of holy magic granted to her by Pelor, the sun god.

Elaine's Backstory[edit | edit source]

Elaine was raised within the white monestary, a place that specialises in taking orphans and teaching them various paths, such as training them to become paladins or clerics, once fully trained they gain a title with light in it, such as her fellow trainee Roenthal Lightbringer, whom she followed to galakind , unfortunately he had already met his demise at that time.

Ascention to Godhood[edit | edit source]

Elaine travelled with the party of Finnan Whiteraven, she had many impacts, such as using a magical ring to help Gkoshor take many properties of the town from their rightful owners by paying them very little while they were charmed. Elaine was also attacked by Finnan before the group entered the vault of the elementals because of the various sketchy things she had done through the ring, she was knocked unconcious and entered later at Finnan's request. once inside she was given a specialised suit of armor to compliment the mighty implement of pelor that she had gained earlier in the journey. Elaine helped the group within the vault in order to make it past the gauntlet, in doing so she used a shard of evil to kill Tiamat and become a demigod, Bahamat later allowed her to ascend to the plane of the gods, along with Finnan, where they along with Gkoshor survived the war of the gods which destroyed the universe and forged another one.


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